wholesale wedding dresses

The ordering process was so complicated and quickly became the only stressful part of planning a very large wedding (300 guests and we did the bulk of the planning ourselves). We had a bridal party of 15 girls and not a single one of them recieved a dress that was close to the right size and this was after they had to go through a major ordeal to get an appointment for a fitting (NY store). Why do a fitting if the final dress will be a shot in the dark? So, everyone had to spend additional money on alterations, some paying a lot to have the dresses basically reconstructed. The whole reason that we chose them to begin with was because we were hoping to make things easy and convenient for bridesmaids that were in various locations. This is NOT what we got. WE are letting all of our friends that are planning to get married this upcoming year and our various vendors/coordinators that might be working with some brides in need of guidance to STEER CLEAR of this headache. wholesale wedding dresses