what to wear for a middle school prom party

Today, I had a most unusual experience. I went with my family to see the movie, "Wonder." Although we were early, the lady at the ticket counter said that she did not have enough seats left that were all together that could accommodate us, so I opted to sit by myself so that my family could sit with each other closer to the screen. I sat near the top row in the movie theater, nestled between strangers, and watched "Wonder" which made me want to cry from the very first scene until the very last. I struggled to control my emotions for two hours, at once both totally immersed in the story unfolding before me and yet acutely aware of the closeness of these strangers with whom I shared this experience. When the credits rolled and the intimate strangers beside me arose to leave, I stood, too, and slowly descended with them to the light below, where I met up with my family and walked to my car. The movie affected us all deeply and we struggled to talk about it, all of us feeling unmoored, emotionally tattered... and we all expressed our keen need to have a good cry. "Wonder" was beautiful. I am looking forward to its release on Amazon so that I can watch it alone, in the dark with a glass of wine and a box of Kleenex, so I can cry freely. I am certain after talking to my family that everyone in the theater must have felt exactly the same way that we did: Trying not to cry for two hours is really, really hard. what to wear for a middle school prom party