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Sign of the times: "Man's world....going out of business". For about the last year, I've been saying that it is the time of patriarchy's last stand. When Trump seemed to get a free pass after the revelation of the tape of him talking about sexually taking advantage of women, it appeared that patriarchy is alive and well. On the surface of things, it looked like business as usual and NOT the dissolution of patriarchy. But with so many women coming forward and speaking out about the abuses they've experienced at the hands of men in powerful places, we are finally starting to see the sysem that has bolstered male abuse of power beginning to crumble. When I was an intern during graduate school I was touched in a sexual way by a male psychiatrist at the hospital where I worked. I told my female coworkers about it. I was a newcomer, but they had all worked with this doc for years, and they told me he was known to sexually harass female empoyees. But no one encouraged me to report him. And I never did. I feel sad looking back at this...sad that I didn't speak out. Maybe I could have prevented him from harassing other female staff members. I am so grateful that more women ARE speaking out and telling their stories and hopefully stopping these abusive men.It is time to put "Man's World" out of business! wedding wears with chapel or court train