wedding wears suitable for a tall bride

You want to know something? I struggle with balance. I am constantly obsessing about this pursuit or that pursuit to the point of exhaustion and then I move on to whatever strikes my fancy at that moment. I cannot enjoy anything in moderation (which is probably a good thing I am allergic to alcohol and too great of a control freak to even TRY drugs). Case in point, I have been streaming video games and other stuff for two years straight. Every spare night, there I am. I love it, I really do, but I haven't touched the perler beads, I haven't written seriously and I haven't drawn a true piece in that time. The question is, if I enjoy something and indulge in it and hone it to where I feel I am good at it (NEVER great, I will never think I am great at ANYTHING) but to the exclusion of other pursuits I enjoy, is that a bad thing? Introspection is not my strong suit (when you look inside yourself sometimes the darkness can be a little scary) but I am genuinely curious if anyone else thinks or acts this way? I mean, mental stability and I are not close acquaintances and I'm not even sure why I am so curious about this particular quirk at this particular moment other than the fact that my latest story has been gathering dust for so long and the longer you stay away from writing the harder it is to slip back into that realm within the mind where the words flow like wine. Maybe its the dawning of another new year on the horizon with so little hope in it? I dunno. I often post stuff like this just so I can get a grasp of it as I type my feelings out. I post them because writing something that will never be read is kind of pointless, even if it is cathartic. Anyway, thanks for reading this. Any thoughts or questions are always welcome. wedding wears suitable for a tall bride