wedding wears at $99

Hi ladies, Iv decided, with the assistance and medical opinion of my doctor,, to get a tubal ligation. I may not be eligible to get it thru the government so was wondering what the price is to get it done privately. And also is there a private health care plan that is best to go thru for it (eg medibank or sumonelse?). My doctor has said I should b able to get it thru the system from all my medical issues, but they may be hesistant coz of my age. that's all tho. I would also like to know other womens experiences of tubal ligation. im wanting to be tied and cauterised as I hav no desire of getting it reversed and would like th emost permanent method as possible. I know the bands and clips can become undone and slip off. Thanks ladies. This is a positive thing for me, and I cannot have hormonal contraceptives for MANY reasons, and hubby is not keen on a vasectomy either. Your experiences would b very helpful. TIA wedding wears at $99