wedding items prepared for courthouse


I want to remind you all that tomorrow (Saturday, Dec. 2) I am teaching a Yoga Class at ATA Martial Arts on Schavey in DeWitt at 9:00 AM. $10 for walk-ins, $45 for a 5 class punch cardo or $90 for a 10 class punch card. Consider yoga as a gift by giving a punch card to a loved one. Tomorrow's class is for all levels. My yoga newbies have been coming for several weeks, but I am going to continue to give lots of instruction to encourage proper form so that no one gets hurt and students receive the most benefits from the poses and meditation. wedding items prepared for courthouse

Yoga and meditation have been proven to possibly reduce stress, increase sense of calmness, assist with weight loss, improve sleep quality and duration, assist with relieving anxiety and depression, improve balance and flexibility and is a general whole body exercise that can build strength. Please join us in this potentially distressing time of the year with the holidays and often decreased activity outside which can lower vitamin D levels and increase depression. I would love to meet you and help in any way I can.

If you have any questions please message me on Suzanne's Yoga Peace or call: 586-489-0952.


Suzanne Zalinski