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Dear Washington Political Elites,

the following poem was written just for you! Now....bite me, you heartless bastards! wedding bridals wears in wholesale price

""Each day on the morning news we see it - ...
another story of blatant political lies.
These politicians claim to care about their people....
their mouths are full of nothing but lies!

They want to build a giant wall to separate us
from a country that means us no harm!
And they want to start a war with a nuclear power,
which causes us much anxiety and alarm!

They're asked to make public statements about
minorities being killed in our streets.
Yet, they only say hateful things that divide us more,
as they sit back in their cozy office seats.

And whenever a major disaster has claimed an area,
and has left many people to perish and die,
they stand idly by and do absolutely nothing!
I'm telling you, something in Washington is terribly awry!

They criticize professional athletes
for peacefully protesting at sporting events.
They call them "sons of bitches",
when in reality they couldn't care two cents!

They take away women's rights.
They rebuke anyone who is LGBT.
They pardon convicted racist cops,
and order the courts to set them free!

They try to quell all opposition
to their twisted, fascist cause.
And they attend rallies of other like-minded people,
to sickening loud applause.

But I have decided to take a stand,
and I am taking it starting right now!
I shall not give in to their hateful rhetoric!
They won't ever force me to bow!

They forget that some people like me will fight for our freedom!
It is our right! It is our privilege! It is our choice!
They shall never censor or silence us!
They shall never take away our voice!"

Victoria Rose Llewellyn

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