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"burned 343 calories doing 54 minutes of BoxVR" Wanted something that I could do downstairs where it was more "conveeeenient" (channeling my inner Church Lady there), and give my achy breaky bits a breather without completely skipping the workout all together, and I ran across BoxVR on Steam's Black Friday weekend sale last night, and the reviews for it were outstanding, so gave it a go this morning. Feels just like the Wii Exerbeat boxing that I liked, but without all that annoying commentary and extra stuff that they made you watch. One small problem. It's VR, so you wear the goggles. Which tend to fog up a little if you have them too tight to your face because you're sweating pretty good. Otherwise, loved this! Check out their game play video. Gives you a good idea what it's all about. wedding slutty and sexy wears for wedding