small sized girl wearing for party

During the most devastating moments of my addiction, I was surely incapable of acting in a respectful matter, both to others and myself. I am in a long-term substance and mental health treatment center, dealing each and every day with the self-resent and by accepting God into my life, have become a new human. I was deceitful, manipulative and self-fulfilling. I was egotistical, self-defeating and hurtful. small sized girl wearing for party
At one of my lowest points earlier this year, I found myself discharged from a recovery home, and with nowhere to go, I called an ex-girlfriend for a place to go. I truly felt like a prostitute until I was able to accept my own disgust. This woman was also sick from similar issues I suffer from, and I took advantage of that.
Gratefully, I now have some sobriety behind me and am working the recovery program. I am caring, kind and passionate.
I will never treat another human being, or myself that way again.