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? smut; threesome collaboration; Ash Zodlæy × Hel Tōshirō × Hera Havana
Disclaimer: This is the continuation of Ashi's smut threesome.
Warning: I wrote this without changing their names.
Part Two

Cold boring night with Ashi turn out to be a hot sizzling scene. After I came in front of her I diverted the position and went on top, aggressively grinding my pussy to her body while kissing her torridly. The scene went hotter and hotter my hands flew to every corner of her body including her mounds, her tummy, her clit, and every sensitive skin part she have. Her moans filled the hollow room, her hands are placed at the bed sheets gripping it tightly. She was to preoccupied because of the sensation I was giving to her. Beads of sweat dripping, panting hard, ecstasy invades. I lowered myself to reach her wetness, nibbled my nose and tried to lick her hardening clit. She pushed her pelvic towards my face that made me devour her fascinating piece of art. Sweet juices spurted as I entered my tongue to her cave. My tumb did it's thing on rubbing and pressing her clit hard enough to make her satisfied. She was just about to came when something came up making me stop from what I was doing. Juliette came wearing her tight lacy dress and her drunk and wasted face. sexy white dresses

“Oh God--” She spoke as she saw us naked in front of her.

“Damn! You're really a scene breaker, Juliette!” Ashi shouted out of frustration.

I smirked and kissed Ashi before leaving her unsatisfied. I stood up and walked toward where Juliette is. Juliette was sitting at the sofa acting sleeping, shutting her eyes tightly while gripping the edge of the sofa. Her lips were trembling and her cheeks were flustered red. Is she scared or what? I went on her lap spreading my legs in front of her. My lips flew to her lips softly kissing her while my hands are on her boobs massaging it. She opened her eyes and moaned that made me enter her oral. Roaming her oral while gripping her boobs, her hands flew to my thighs smoothly massaging it to the rhythm. I grind my pussy to her body while my hands are on her zipper trying to remove her dress. As her dress slowly took off from her body Juliette pushed me to side. She stood up and slowly walked towards the bed where Ashi was busy pleasuring herself with the vibrator. I followed her and crawled on the white sheeted bed.

Continuation will be at Juliette's timeline.