red evening dress

So this right leg that keeps swelling everyday but would go down most of the time by morning. . . Well it quit going down at night anymore it just keeps getting bigger n bigger. But today when i woke up it was still real swollen and noticed how red it was and then the white circle n red again. Well that lil spot there where i either bumped my leg or cut shaving who the hell knows but its obviously infected so im going to start some antibotics for 10 or so days n we will see if that will help. If not hell they will prob have to cut it off but ive still got the other one and i have a broom stick and a belt to make one temporarily. Lol. Looks like im going to have to actually take time off work and go see a damn doctor, oh well that will give me a reason to have the lumps on my breast finally checked out to. Again its only 1 breast and i have 2 of those too. red evening dress