off the shoulder evening gowns

Poetess Kai
Featuring Thou Poet


(First Verse)


What is this place?
It look like it's been bombed...
Burned to ashes!
What was the name of this place?

It use to be full of Black owned restaurants...
Black controlled and Black funded...
Black educational school system!
Like! Whoa!

Tall business buildings, created by
Black intuition!
True manifestation of Black vision!
Like! Whoa!

Black thought,broughtforth...

Beautiful home's, owned by beautiful people...
Living life harmonically, in solidarity...
In a crime free, beautiful town!

There was a airport,
store's, churches....
Infrastructure of all sorts!

Look at it now...
I'm wondering what went down!


What have jealousy done?
I see smoke from,
the bigots gatlings gun

Snuck by the cowardly
No heart, for the fair- one

Envious of we'll dressed
We'll to do Blacks
Made the intruders decide to stab them in the back

Drop several explosive devices, to attempt
to historically erase
Black financial facts

Didn't want the world to know about
Who connect to resurrect Black bank's successful mission

That created a cash flow system
That eliminated a need for a prison

No want, nor need to integrate, with broke folks
with no pot to piss-in

Nor a bed to shove it under
Nor a window to throw it out

Or a pavement for it to land on
Follow, what I'm speaking about


Why are people Lynch on tree's?
They look like me!
They look exactly like me!
We have the same skin....

Are the people in the robes?
Who are they?
With them burning crosses!

(Can someone tell me)?

(Holler!, If You!, Hear Me!)!!!

(Second Verse)


You see the scar's?
That america has left on Us!

We have carried this sorrow for years!
Even centuries, every since the invaders first appeared!

Since they set foot on our homeland...
We have been crying Black tear's!

Because the white minority fear, of a Black majority!
Made the euro government...
Support a agenda, that became their number one priority.....

To keep us poor by any means necessary
Through a systematic campaign to make Us believe

We will be save by one of the two
Political parties,
Who job is to hide their inferiority!

We still trying to move on...
To get pass that pain!
The heartache is still shackled to Our souls and brain!

Dreaming of freedom and equality....
Now where is Our, peace of mind....
Why do these psychological....
Chain's, remain?!

Some are some brainwashed...
By white-is-right...
Bleaching their skin to try to become light!

Instead of embracing their magnificent darkness! We wasn't born in Van!


Must Our spirit's....
Indore so much stressful strain?

You see our scar's?
You see mighty scar's?

(Can someone tell me)?

(Holler!, If You!, Hear Me!)!!!


That place was Black Mecca, where Negus would show negro's, Nubian love

Them people in the robes
They are the products
Hate birth
They hate Us
We was

First on this earth

When they was going through the great depression
Black Wall Streets
Was thriving, no question

white's decided to teach the intellectual Blacks a lesson

Europeans ( His- story) is filled with them committing genocide

Southern tree's not the only tree's that bare strange fruit
Racist and liberal white's decided to shoot

Assisted by airplanes carrying explosive, and military machine guns
Get it!

The (U.S.) government say, they don't know who did it!

No one was ever charged with them murders
We the People
Suppose to not relive it
Or revisit
Our history

(Can someone tell me)?

(Holler!, If You!, Hear Me!)!!!


Black Wall Streets...
Became ghost's towns!
Long gone golden Nubian beings...
But not forgotten...
Glowing in the sun...

Tulsa, Oklahoma! ASE!
I heard this was a...
Black Holocaust!

Yes they were People...
Who worked hard...

Oh Lord!
Built many cities, with their very own
Black hands!

Until someone started to throw (ish#) by the ton...
To destroy Gods- plan!

Even this peaceful place,
Received no justice here...

Just-Us!, can get justice!
For Just- Us!
Hear me clear!

Bodies swinging from noose's on tree's...
As they're souls escape from the melanin!
But they took their blackness...
with them!

Like Whoa!

Someone didn't like Black Wall Streets....
So they wiped out their debt,
by annihilating Our Black empire
So they didn't have to pay it back!

Laughing while eliminating peaceful People, and enjoying every bit of the carnage...with passion! off the shoulder evening gowns

Like it was the greatest action movie!

(Can someone tell me)?

(Holler!, If You!, Hear Me!)!!!

(Third Verse)


But it's not a movie
It's reality
with real human fatalities

(U.S.A) brought disaster with no remorse
Anglo-Saxon stayed on the destructive, devilish courses

Since less Murders! of
Men!, Women!, and children'!
Who was trapped inside burning buildings

This country proudly celebrate (911) anniversary,
while ignoring the Black Wall Streets
american massacre - with no mercy

When they gone to apologize to descendants, who lose family members

More than a few

When We gone make them
Us! reparations
That's long over due!


(Can someone tell me)?

(Holler!, If You!, Hear Me!)!!!


They change the name into Greenwood...
They never put this in the (His-story) books...

But it is in the black and white photos and news paper clippings...

america's official statement was there was no riot...
In the hope's, We would, buy it!

The envious white's betrayers, burned Black pride down to the ground

Because they thought
We didn't deserve, the right to be privileged

By being self sufficient,
through ownership of our own businesses

( Holler!, If You!, Hear Me!)!!!

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