not long items with white lace decorated

Being used.

You can be assured that you are being loved when feelings are high and the bed is near while it is dark.

There are people who can only be with you if there's only two of you, whereby sex is the main thing.

This kind of people can only be with when it dark, they hate being on the spotlight with you.

They only see you at night, indoors, and they can't even have a conversation that has future which includes you with you, of which you are just a darkness thing.

It's so very painful that many are used because of their positions, wallets, cars and etc, including gifts.

Be very careful when you get into a relationship (friendship or marriage process), you might think they love you, while it's not you but the things (curves, fitness, beauty, hight, pockets, car's etc). not long items with white lace decorated

There is nothing painful than being used unknowingly and only to discover that after you gavw lost curves, job, beauty because of accidents or aging.

# Relationship