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Words for my children to remember for the future:

I believe my kids will always pick themselves up when they stumble as human beings it is not matter of 'if' it will happen, but 'when' it will happen. I pray they will be stronger and more knowledgable after life's hiccups occur and sometimes get in the way of their daily routine, and even their dreams and success. I pray they will see it as a chance to grow, learn and mature through every experience good and not so good. When things are unclear I pray they will seek advice and not be afraid to ask questions and learn from those who know - especially through prayer and God. maternity wears for wedding at affordable price

I pray they will make things right as much as possible whenever something happens they did not expect or cause. That I love them always and here if they need me. I will tell them the truth of what I know and also what I do not know.

I hope they know as their mom I stumble too and am I still learning everyday as well no matter how old I get. Learning is an ongoing constant lifetime event. The moment we think we know too much is the day we stop growing as human beings and our purpose is compromised. God is always working on us till the end of our lives. Through all experiences we learn so much.