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Dearest Prima Bong and Prima Chichi.

This week I promised to let you know both about my recent research findings which came about the other week when for 30 hrs. I watched earnestly the television SAG award winning series - The Crown, The Godfather, Bloodline and then NARCOS about Pablo Escobar, the biggest narcothief in the history of mankind.

As I am getting ready to mail my final family requirements to Spain, I dreamt about daddy (JESUS) and Papa Badong , which reignited the memories of how my research began in 1981.

After meeting with the First Secretary of Spain to the United States,and attending my daughter's 10th birthday,?he sent me the official copy of Juan Martin’s marriage and death certificates, respectively, wherein I questioned the meaning then of marriage in Articulo Mortis. I also received a copy of Papa Badong’s typewritten letter to the Spanish Embassy Manila inquiring about his grandfather without his official title and complete name which was never responded to until I requested for an understanding from the Spanish Military office regarding DonJuan Arevalo’s letters to Queen Isabella 11 and his awards and enlightenment of military pension that were reserved only for members of the royal family.

On my visit to Vienna coming from the opening of the Berlin Walls, I went to buy a greeting card at the newly opened Marriott Hotel prepared for the coming of Pres. Ronald Reagan and had coffee with the children so I could write him a letter that I was just at the Palace and the school where the exiled young King Alfonso X11 studied and met his second wife, Queen Christina.

During that night, I learned of his passing in Manila. At dinner, I requested someone to take pictures of my family. Strange, we were all dressed in purple mourning colors ( not knowing that a beloved family member just died) with my cheap camera and had it developed in Virginia upon arrival. A card from Prima MoNina was waiting for me saying that Papa Badong received my card and before he died he still remembered my name (Anak baga ni Jesus, he responded). During that sorrowful moment after a month stay in Europe, I noticed that all our dinner photos in Vienna were vague. Yet, there were many illuminating people’s faces behind me and Cara were caught by the camera. A smiling Lady beside me in deep blue long dress had florals on her head. I thought I saw a photo of her before.

Just three months ago, I kept asking myself, why would Papa Badong tell me that there was a Queen from England named Victoria Eugenia who was supposed to be writing Don Julio when most of the Spanish Royals who were all in exile lived in France or Italy. And the closing remarks was “Tu Prima or La Reina - Victoria”.

Something was urging me to watch THE CROWN without sleeping a week, for three nights with my daughter and Momma (on Martin Luther King Holiday weekend who died with a dream for his people and now forty years later his dreams for United America has come to fruition). Momma who has been in pain management for the first time in 38 years in the US was digesting the scripts with me as though it was directed to my personal journey.

And there it was - Papa Badong’s emphatic stories were answered. Suddenly, his stories clicked.

YES, there was a Queen Victoria. She was the wife of King Alfonso X111. Her mother in law, Queen Cristina, and Princess Maria Isabel, the daughter of the exiled Queen Isabella 11, charged for adultery with her Captain of the Guard and members of her military, were JOINT REGENTS. The latter the HEIR apparent of the Spanish Crown after the death of her baby brother young King Alfonso X11, whose paternity to this day was never established -was the decision maker for Spain even The Treaty of Paris. The sale of the Philippines except - Calamian Islands - Palawan who was given to our great grandfather prior his death, as both political and military governor. Alfonso X111 was born as posthumous King.

In this television series, we realized that King George, the father of Queen Elizabeth 11 - ? - , younger brother of Edward V11 who abdicated his Crown to marry the divorcee, Duchess of Windsor, was related to Queen Victoria and she was the bridesmaid during his marriage to Queen Mary, grandmother of the now reigning monarch of England and Princess Margaret.

She was born at Balmoral Castle and met Prince Alfonso X111 during a dinner at the Buckingham Palace. When she got married, she gave up her religion to become a Catholic Queen. Her instructions to marry a Spain’s future King specified that she had to give up ALL her rights and claims to her title. If she remarries, her benefits will be altered. Just like Princess Diana after her divorce.

Although the amount of monies involved of course was entirely different, the draft letter was exactly the she one drawn for Atanancia Dominguez viuda de Bayot by the Supreme MilitaryTribunal by Spain when the Trust was finalized. The BAYOTs may have not known that their mother was not named In our great grandfather’s last will and testament. Nor made mention of any BAYOT family member to help run our estate. By doing so from 1880 to the present there was a clear violation of the Arevalos‘ fiduciary rights.

Also unknown is that Queen Victoria separated from King Alfonso X111 because of his womanizing. She decided to live in England for a while before reconciling with Alfonso at the behest of his aunt, La Chata. Her lifelong reign until 1968 meant that she had an opportunity to meet up with the grown up cheats of our grandfather’s usurping half family members. Many of her children were still alive until the 20th century. Additionally, when the Princess of Masbate became Miss Philippines and claimed in her many interviews ”her Family’s GRAND REUNION with relatives? in Spain and Paris, before her expensive reign as Miss Philippines at age 17? , she was actually lying thru her teeth. Because there is not an inch of that Arevalo noble blood that relates the BAYOTS to us. Not one bit. And Kuya Robert‘s mother in law, CELESTE BAYOT, becoming an executor of our royal grants saying that her children are recognized grandchildren of a Governor from Spain, was wrong, a misrepresentation or was she actually REFERRING to her son in law. Robert Arevalo, your first degree cousin, my brother, whose children plus KUYA Robert can lay claim to that noble inheritance - BOTH from the Dominguez and Arevalo blood. There was a Supreme Court ruling which vehemently tainted her claimed ownership of Philippine Royal Grant? lands when she was a foreigner irregularly running a land and agriculture business in the Philippines. Was an application for changed in citizenship preapproved by the Bureau of Lands and seconded by Spain? There were witnesses who stated that they have kept many photographs and official documents that belonged to our family coffers that are now kept oversees. We will have to prove this soon. long wedding dress

There are many things that have opened to us. Like after years of exile, Queen Victoria, returned to Spain, to attend the baptism of Felipe, son of Juan Carlos 1 (and Queen Sophia), who was unconstitutionally crowned King due to Franco. Don Juan, his father was supposed to be the next in line. When he stepped down due to rumors of deceit, a few years ago, he gave the Crown to his only son, King Felipe, who is not Spain’s rightful successor to rule. A rightful heir is seeking justice.

What I learned from the NARCOS Spanish series is this -THERE IS NO HONOR IN THIEVES. On the tv series - CROWN, Winston Churchill, said, the title of Monarchy was preordained by God. When they lie and are part of complicity with historical rights, they are answerable to God.

Fortunately, battles of wrongfully injured families have been clarified by rhe internet. Even the Zobels have to return a huge already developed piece of property last year was found to have been misappropriated sold. The original no name owners won when the title was deemed established. And Spain is the only country who has kept original documents. Identity theft and falsification of documents caused the first royalty (Maria Cristina, daughter of King Juan Carlos 1) to be indicted. Not even her father - King or Queen was able to save her or her relationships with her ruling brother. Felipe, who is afraid that this Is becoming more of a sensitive area Under his rule. Her husband is serving 6 years in prison. MORE.

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