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Can anyone add to the is list?
Who has used or remembers:
Mercurochrome and Iodine.
When the only drug that was being abused was the aspirin.
A thin metal tube with a wick on the end for lighting an oil stove.
A gas stove with two burners with an oven called a sidesaddle attached to a wood stove.
No central heat.
Coal deliveries.
2 gallon glass bottles for kerosene to heat the kitchen stove.
Killer space heaters.
A fold up tin pyramid with a flat top given free by a gas company as a toaster.
A gas stack with a copper coil used to heat cold water for a bath.
A flower wreath on the front door indicating a death at the home.
A doctor who came to your home until it became a business.
No ambulances.
No family car.
A hand crank to start a car.
An inner tube repair kit.
Tire chains.
Wooden matches.
Zippo lighters.
Black and white push button light switches.
Rotating light switches.
Batteries were only bought for flashlights.
Kitchen sinks with cockroaches.
Frozen milk bottles with the cream forced out.
No bottled water.
Soda came in glass bottles.
Ice deliveries for the icebox.
Pickles in a barrel.
Loose cookies in a display box.
Slate floor based urinals, requiring holding one foot up to avoid splashing.
No phone bills, TV bills, A/C bills, car bills, newspaper bills, landscape bills, water bills, sewer bills, loan bills, credit card bills, union dues, medical insurance bills, affordable funeral. long sleeve a line wedding dress
Real money was used to pay for things.
When you had over $100.00 in the bank you were considered wealthy.
No dishwashers, refrigerators or television.
2 cent stamps.
Cat whisker radio.
Rubbers (galoshes) to protect shoes.
Hanging fly stickers.
Burning incense before spray cans.
Paint brushes before spray cans.
Push lawnmowers and snow shovels.
Penny grab bags.
Metal wheels on roller skates.
Everyone owned a pair of ice skates.
Long johns.
Playing cowboys and indians, hide and seek, relevo, hopscotch and tag.
Cursive handwriting could be read by everyone.
Protecting school books with brown paper bags.
No school buses.
Brass combs to brush paint to simulate wood grain on woodwork.
Rexair vacuum cleaner with a water tank in lieu of a bag.
Fels naptha soap.
LePage glue or flour and water paste.
Bottles of ink bought for filling ink pens.
A kazoo.
Candy cigarettes.
When we were not bombarded by commercials and advertisements.
Respect for our flag.
When our National Anthem was sung as written rather than the yodeling version or the breath exhaling contest.
$20.00 in a pay envelope felt great. Minus 68 cents Social Security
When the Democrats and Republicans compromised with America first.
When a single standard was in vogue before our modern double standard.
When it was possible to discuss politics at the dinner table.
When a college graduate was quite intelligent and is now very ignorant.
When a hand written letter was more precious than a dozen emails.
When we interacted with our next door neighbors.
We shared even though we had very little to share.
When people were more civilized than today.
Making balsa model airplanes.
Homemade kites.
Cutting out paper doll clothes.
When the funnies were funny.
Real candles burning on a Christmas tree.
Smoking was permitted in movie theaters, buses, planes and trains.
A ream of paper would last 20 years.
It did not take a thousand words to explain a picture.
We expected the United Nations to give us a peaceful civilization.
When it is obvious that each succeeding generation is less civilized than the one preceding.
When it would have been impossible to post this message.