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Have you ever considered waxing your legs or even underarms? Chances is are you have, but the fear of growing out your hair stops you! Don't let it scare you away, start now!

Many people think they need to start waxing during the summer because well you're showing off a lot! Here are some benefits to waxing year round:

1. Reduced hair growth. Waxing pulls the hair from the root, which damages the follicle's ability to grow back new hair. That leaves new growth after waxing, ... softer and more fine.

2. Waxing prevents ingrown hairs. This is also exfoliating the skin which helps keep the hair from getting caught under new skin as it turns over.

3. Starting now also gets your skin adjusted to the waxing. So after 3-4 sessions you won't see the little red bumps or any irritation that you could see during the spring and summer (if you started then). knee length bodycon red color dress

4. Shaving causes stubble!!! There's no stubble with waxing. Shaving cuts the hair at an angle, it's pointed up, that's the "stubble" you feel.

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