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As I educate myself about Adam and Eve: Adam and Eve knew God firsthand. The coming generations of there family also knew God or at least knew of him as well. Slowly over the many years people stop thanking and acknowledging God as their source. SIN INCREASED. Most sins are just symptoms of a more deeply rooted sin: The sin of stopping up our ears to the truth of God and instead listening to a lie. When we stop recognizing God as the giver of all good things, we stop seeing clearly, we stop thinking wisely. We refuse to listen to truth. ROMANS chapter 1 plainly reveals this reality. REFUSING THE TRUTH means: not listening to the truth is essentially, rejecting God. Now as Christians we obviously embrace God's word as truth. But we must keep our ears unclogged by recognizing and rejecting false truths and remaining tuned in to God voice. items to wear of the party online