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Only in the humble feeling of humanity is the beauty of true giving in the giving of condolences, gratitude and wishes, and such is the spring source of true happiness to the giver and the receiver. And this is a tradition not of human making but the quintessence teaching of the laws of Buddhist values of Onness.
In Dechentsemo Central School every member of staff is central to everyone's family. In birth and sickness, misfortunes and death, in achievements and in career or marriage, each of us from the lowest cadre to the highest, we find our common hearts no matter how far we may have to walk or what time of hour it may be.
And often, there is no need for principal to pronounce to make courtesy calls and social services for the destitute and the suffering. In an unbelievable act of generosity and compassion, even if the need is not by matters of policy we have learnt to honour humane principles of love and care, happiness and condolences to events that shall touch each one of us in our own time.
We had an unfortunate miscarriage of our cook's wife at an odd hour, but we made everything possible to drive the ill to hospital and support them; like visiting an ill sister, we visited when one teacher encountered taxi accident and got injured; our caregiver boy collapses on two occasions and yet one of us are around him even at a hospital; a teacher is arrested in his breath at night only to find himself crowded at the hospital by teachers and soon laughing; there is no excuse uttered at a time to console the bereaved at home or crematorium.
Some staff gave birth and everyone is enthusiastic to join the family like each of us are either husband or sisters; students fall ill at the oddest of hours, yet principal and teachers attend like a daylight celebration, often driving their own car; there is a belated marriage of our warden, and teachers brace the cold night like walking on the tropical beach; there is a ceremony there, a promotion on a career here, there is a prize of the class or event, still no leaf is left unturned to celebrate. We seem to rhythm with the pulse of humanity better than some people who have no pulse of humanity except for relatives in some places! items looks sexy to wear with long length
Even when the principal joins Dechentsemo on his maiden leadership on a drizzling summer day, teachers welcome him in a retinue of reception at Dochula like a prince had returned from banishment!
And this prince is trying to reach all bereaved and the benevolent amidst his work and leisure along with his staff as a family father, with a hope that the karmic causation is realised and ley jumdre tha damtse is felt.