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Story time, gather around.

Y'all don't know this because you're not in my circle, my circle knows this... well I guess we're more of a triangle because there's only three of us. Anyway, neither here nor there...

I get a free gym membership with my apartment lease and I am beyond grateful for it but I hated that gym with a passion. I felt a lot of dread having to go there. Not only was it small and the hours made it so I could only workout at one time of day but I disliked the people there - let me rephrase that, I hated one of the personal trainers that works there. So I traded and now I go to an amazing gym that I have to pay for but I don't regret the change.

A trainer was "training" a young man there who had obvious mental handicaps for a period of time. The trainer would sit him down on a machine tell him how many reps to do and then walk away and sit and talk to a group of other people and come back to him MAYBE 30 minutes later - yes, seriously, I watched this every day they were there. The young man would then take out his phone and not even attempt the exercise. One day he showed up in jeans - this is where I tell you that this trainer wears jeans to the gym every day - and I overheard a conversation that broke my heart. The trainer asked the young man why he was wearing jeans as he sat him down on an ab machine and the young man said he didn't know what else to wear and instead of educating his client this guy said "okay do 25" AND WALKED AWAY! now this person is PAYING this man to help him in the gym the least he could do is explain to him why wearing jeans to the gym wasn't going to work out in his favor but no! he just walked away! TO GO TAKE UP EQUIPMENT WITH THE REST OF THE TALKERS (I called them The Talkers and they drove me insane!) Now, I get it, dealing with people is exhausting but there was nothing in that gym that this young man was INCAPABLE of doing if he was just shown and taught how to do it. This trainer was basically stealing this young mans money. I'm not saying coddle him but freaking help him. He just learns differently than most people do. He just needs a little bit more time than most people do. That shouldn't mean he gets to be discredited and ignored. gold sequin prom wear with bling

That day has bothered me since it happened!