flowy wedding gowns

Carly review time!

I am not a dressy kind of girl. I can't remember a time between my wedding in 2005 and within the last few months that I've worn a dress. I've never thought I had a flattering figure, and avoided them at all cost.
Holly + jeans, tshirt, flip flops = true love.

This past March my husband and I went to visit Christine and LulaSteve (Steve is my brother) in Maryland and Christine let me have at it in her LulaLounge. I tried on a Carly thinking I'd look horrific... but you guys... I thought I looked DAMN GOOD. I was hooked.

I currently have two Carly dresses. I like how flowy and unclingy Carlys are, but I will say that I've found the more cotton like tshirt material ones are a little more forgiving than the ones made from the super soft legging material. The legging material Carly clings to my midsection, not too much, but just enough to deter me. BUT, that's just me! That's just my personal preference. flowy wedding gowns

I think the cut is adorable. Shorter in the front and longer in the back. Like a body mullet, but flattering. Like a flamenco dancer. But flamenco dancers can dance. When I dance people think I'm having a seizure. Picture Elaine Benes from Seinfeld doing her famous "Elaine dance"...

Ok fine its not that bad.

ANYWAYS, I have worn my Carly dresses with and without leggings, with a button up shirt, and It would look amazeballs with a denim vest. I've worn them to work, to outings with friends, and I'm sure you can wear it as a night gown although that's not my jam.

The Carly has helped this dress avoiding novice blossom into a dress loving less of a novice! If you're thinking of getting a Carly, just do it!! You will look amazing! It's a flattering and functional outfit!