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A day in the life of someone who wishes he did better in school.
The only thing worse than coming in for your 1st night on Mids is coming back on the red eye for an EVES OT/Mids Double. This Morning I got off Mids 10 mins early, got home, ensure the kids teeth were brushes, dressed them, got them on the bus. Then promptly headed off to bed. Just fell asleep and the Text followed by Robo-Dial for Eves OT. You're 2 friends are on the desk, so you text them directly. When you stopped drinking fluids some 3.5 hrs earlier (you know, to ensure you sleep with less interruptions) anways, your voice tends to gets raspy like an old biker chick! Then you wait...since your always #1 in OT hrs wait to see if someone with less hrs has called in. Lucky for me, the guys working said "it's yours, unless you hear otherwise". fitted wedding dresses
Move alarm from 325p (for bus duty) up to 1p for Eves OT. Text the wife, tell her you'll see her in 22hrs. Let her know she has Bus duty and for reasons unknown, the Garbage Truck never came. So you know...the cans still streetside, it's not like I was too lazy to put it away.
Then it sets in how much this sucks...Not just missing afternoon coffee with the Love of your Life, but the hours spent away from family, working a Mids...Eves/Mids scenario. You know you'll see your pillow again sometime around 9a tomorrow.
Then you drop off your uniforms at the cleaners and head into work 30 mins early. You gotta take care of the Day Shift guy that has cut you out of there 30 mins early in the past.
No matter how much suckage....I also know there's plenty of unemployed, underemployed people out there and I'm lucky to have a job. I'm really lucky that my job has 24hr coverage needs, translating into overtime opportunities.
Oh BTW Rebecca Kuczko Appleby , at the Bus Stop this morning, James asked me if they make Snowblowers for pickup trucks. I told him they're rare, I only know 1 local guy who made the investment. I did promise him we'd look at Youtube videos (after his homework & reading) to satisfy his curiosity. So, yeah...Reba, enjoy learning about Pickup Truck mounted Snowblowers!!!!