evening party garment by custom made

“MANTHAN”- Making of a Magnum Opus.....
History was being rewritten! Records were tumbling like nine pins!! Expectations were soaring sky high!! Fresh air of friendship, fraternity and comradery was blowing across the main venue of AIBKM Karnataka’s 3rd Adhivation ‘MANTHAN’. There were Bhavsar bandhus from across the state in their best attire and in all hues and colours! The men folk were sporting the colourful head gears the “Pagadis” which were matched by traditionally and colourfully dressed charming women folk sporting a typical ‘Nath’ on their nose! The atmosphere was electrifying and festive, one could feel the excitement of the masses. Why Not? It was the day they had eagerly waited for months. The biggest gathering till date in the history of Mahasabha . Time had come for them to come on a single platform and show their strength and unity to the whole world. Bhavsar people have arrived with a bang!! evening party garment by custom made
My Vision was clear but my journey towards my goal was challenging! But my determination was strong and my confidence was unwavering!! My dream for my Samaj never allowed me to sleep!! Thirty nine and a half thousand kilometres of odorous journey undertaken by me crisscrossing the whole state awakening my Bhavsar fraternity had paid rich dividends! Samaj bandhus from every nook and corner of the state had descended at the venue in hoards. Months of meticulous planning and efficient implementation was the hallmark of the Adhivation. ‘TEAM MANTHAN’ was fully geared upto the tough job on hand and had left no stone unturned in making “Manthan” undoubtedly the most memorable historical in every aspect in the annals of the Mahasabha.
Every minute detail of the ‘Manthan” was planned to perfection, be it the giant and colourful Venue, be it the huge stage, be it the spectacular and huge LED Screen, be it the children play area, be it the sprawling food court and the beautiful Photo Point!! There was delicious food to satiate everyone’s taste buds! There were six brain storming sessions addressed by top rung leaders who matter a lot from every political party at different sessions. The cultural extravaganza provided the much needed audio visual delight to the large crowd. Our women’s team from Mysore had walked an extra mile to make the evening programme a visual treat. The icing of the cake was the dedication and discipline exhibited our smiling team of young volunteers! Their selfless service, ever ready to help nature left everyone dumbfounded.
“MANTHAN” has created history and left indelible mark in the minds of every Bhavsar who was part of this great adhivation. Every participant will cherish the wonderful moments of this extraordinary event for time immemorial which is deeply embedded in everyone’s heart!!