cocktail with golden color

FYI: I stopped talking to you AND eeann before you broke up because of some things you told me in confidence that I knew you didn't like my opinion on and I thought some space would be good, that way we could have our own opinions but still be close friends and I'm still keeping those things confidential, but also because I was dealing with a lot of stress, a crappy work environment, which you should know about since you work for ABC too, and a son that I take care of alone besides my wonderful parents. After you guys broke up I knew it would be tough, because you were my best friend and I was honestly so scared I'd loose you and I knew eeann was a tough person to love but I also knew you weren't a piece of fucking cake either. I didn't actually stop completely talking to you until after you handled things so fucking poorly after the breakup and after eeanns grandfather died. As far as everything else, I just want to be civil because I know neither of you are easy to love or deal with, because like most people, YOUR Human and sometimes we make mistakes and we fuck up. I still wish the best for you, regardless if you believe it or not. cocktail with golden color