cocktail items to wear of the women for party

Living A Bachelor Doesn't Mean I'm Weak
It Shows Patiently....
A Man Living Cruel Life With No World,No Dignity
Meaning No Direction In Life
But Rich In Mind As A Common Man
"Calm" I'm Not That Weak
I'm Stronger Yet I Got A Pride Not To Give People A Chance To Watch Me Suffer And Feel Shame For Me...
"Respect"I Got No Dignity But My Attitudes Determine My Altitudes
Never Force Yourself Where You Don't Belong
If Class Is High I Better Change My School
Chasing People Rather Than Dreams Makes Me Seems So Desparate I Feel Forgotten Sometimes
"Loyalty"I Build My Reputation As People Thinks I'm A Boring Type,I Don't Talk Alot Without Realizing Maybe I Don't Like Them cocktail items to wear of the women for party
Respect Is Earned
How Could I Expect Respect From People When I Can't Respect Myself?
I'm Just An Ordinary Man Like Other Ordinary People I Wont Force Anyone To Be On My Life Live With That.
# KayBee_DaPoet