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Chapter 68
Six months later…

Anne was now a whole lot better. She had gained some weight and gotten most of her strength back. Antonio had proposed to her and today was the day of their wedding.

These past few days, the Pearl City media had been all over the place because of the wedding. She wasn’t used to this kind of attention. She decided to take refuge in the bridal lounge while Antonio attended to these matters.

Stacey, dressed in a simple white dress with matching jewellery looked into the doorway, and there sat Anne. She went inside.

Today Anne was looking extremely dazzling and beautiful ... The Bride’s gown, is said to be the exclusive design of international famous designer. Antonio, for this wedding, spent a lot of time, energy and money. The gown was estimated to value up to tens of millions. It had sparkling diamonds all around it. cheap evening gowns

There was naked jealousy in Stacey’s eyes…all these should have been hers: the wedding gown, the ring on her finger, everything. Anne is a cheap person, she robbed her of everything that belonged to her!

Angrily, she went inside, picked a glass of cold water and poured the whole content on her, her makeup hair and expensive gown were all wet.

“Stacey, what are you doing?’ Anne looked puzzled and totally unprepared for this, how could her own sister drain her in cold water?

Stacey sneered at her: "What am I doing?" you have the guts to ask me this question? I can see you are proud of yourself, after stealing my boyfriend from me. Which sister does something like that?”

It was like a stab straight in her heart, and her face suddenly whitened ... Undeniably, she knew that was what outsiders thought of her, but her own sister?”

"I'm ...” she couldn’t even find her voice to say anything.

"Anne, you’re such a slut. You deliberately left your diary on my doorstep so I could see what was written in there. Because of that, I had to leave his side and you took my place, are you proud of that?”

Anne kept shaking her head, "This is not the case Stacey, and I really don’t know how my diary landed on your doorstep."

"You don't know? Does a diary have feet?”

Stacey looked at Anne and her eyes were filled with so much pain and anguish ...”Yes Anne, pain is the punishment you deserve!”

“If you took away everything that belonged to me, then you must bear the guilt of that for the rest of your life.”

Suddenly, a very cynical voice sounded from behind them.

"Yes, does a diary have feet to walk?”

“Stacey I gave you the opportunity to let things go, but you decided to come here and torment Anne, to take away this peace she has found?”

Truly Antonio had to leave to attend to certain matters, but he didn’t trust Stacey not to try and get close to Anne. So he had put some of his men in charge to keep a close eye on things. And indeed, at the least opportunity, Stacey had come to torment Anne.

He is sure had he not returned right on time to stop this, Stacey would have caused Anne to think she was responsible for all this. She would have carried this guilt for the rest of her life

Stacey was terrified. How had Antonio returned so soon, she had tasked her parents to try and stall him for a while...

“Antonio, please it’s not what you think, I…”

“Forget it, I don’t want to hear a word from you.”

Anne silently looked on at the exchange between these two people. She was puzzled