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Ok facebook people, i want to talk about fake ass friends for a minute,i have several Associate that i thought was my friends, but these jealous ass insecure niggas must think i want to fuck their girls, which im not even like that, im loyal to the bone and i dont play like that cause i dont like when niggas do me like a whoremonger i can admitt that but i get my own pussy, i dont want no niggas left overs...its too much pussy out here to cross a friend and ruin a friendship over a bitch...real talk i made it my motto not to cross niggas like that , and maybe i should have like all these other grimmy ass niggas out here but thats not me, we cut from two diffrent so loyal that i want flirt or fuck with my girl family or flirt with them and she got some fine sexy ass ladies in her family, but in the end if i did that it would be bogish cause shes gotta always see her family members at family gatherings, birthday partys etc, and my funky ass might not be with her no more but they always will be family and have to face each other now i done caused animosity and hatred omong family members, what a awkward situation i put them in, i wont even fuck with her enemy cause for what so the bitch can throw it in her face later and brag that she fucked her man...anyWAY one of these fake friends i hooked him up with his girl, she was my friend before he even knew her, i use to chill with her eat at her house and get fucked up but i never came at her..i let this nigga just like the.other niggas live with me and even shot up some shit for nigga when he didnt stand as a man and handle his own beef, could have got my dumb ass locked and my girl use to pick his girl up and ride around and smoke, we even asked him to roll with us but he never wanted too..but one day this dude had the nerves to call me on some jealous shit and tell me dont kick it with his girl no more or even talk to her unless its business, and three times he got sideways with me about the shit, i was hurt cause i knew what that was and that he would even think that of me after all i did for this nigga..but fuck him three times the charm,, now this other fake ass friend i also let this nigga stay with me, and i dont have much to say about him but hes fake as a three dollar bill, this dude is a tripp, he dont like for me or anyone else for that matter to even talk to his girl, bro she lives in my house with you wtf you dont expect for us to talk, she was cool , im not going to ignore her but this nigga use to get mad if she gave me a ciggarette or if she even ask me for one, he would get jealous if she wanted to play cards with us, he didnt even like when she cooked for the whole house..damm nigga..thats so childish and truly fucked up..i believe he was mad cause shes older than him and around my age and we can relate...another fake ass friend seems to like fucking on the same hoes i use to fuck with and thinks that the shit was cool regardless of how i may felt about the broads, find out alot of it was done out of spite cause he was mad at me, but he didnt like other niggas coming at his girls,dam,pure hypocrisy...but im not mad,im just venting and expessing my opinion which i have a right to do, i didnt mention no names but if the shoes fit ware them hell buy an outfit to match and ill pay for it...i had one of my guys who left me at his house with his girl while he went to work, as soon as folks left his bitch came out theire room with nothing but her panties and bra on to get some soda out the fridge and she walked past me with all that ass, after she got her soda she came in the living room where i was at and started talking to me all sexual and shit, i was looking im not going to lie, pussy was fat look like a peach, she even asked me hypothatically speaking did i find her attractive, hell yea i said, she asked me that if she was willing to give me some pussy and some head would i do it cause her man wouldnt find out unless i told, i politely asked her to go in the room and put some dam clothes on plz, i told her your my guys girl and i wouldnt do that..she was so shocked that i wasnt going like most niggas have and would have that she was embarassed and kept begging me not to say anything to her man and i promised her i wouldnt and some of yall may think im lame for not going there, but fuck yall , thats what a real nigga and true friend suppose to had done!!.i got three words to you fake ass friends whom i spoke off, Fuck you niggas!! Point blank period.... blushing style garments for bridesmaid in pastel pink