ball styled items to wear in the winter of the party

niggas please tell me why these girls so smart till they dumb first half of your girls cant keep a man cause y'all lie to yourself saying this nigga wants me but he just want to fuck then 3/4 of y'all cant keep y'all pussy in y'all pants no nigga want a girl with 5+ bodies for they body count then y'all girls cheat on y'all man leave him for the next man so why would the next man stay if you just left your ex for the next man y'all sad i'm tired of y'all girls ass clappin on ... social media saying y'all single nobody want you etg cause 1. you a hoe 2. you fucking with a dog ass nigga or 3. you just fucking with somebody that it just didn't work out. y'all girls fail to realize niggas talk more then bitches these days so 80% of your dirt is known half of y'all bitches don't even have standards so why we going to respect y'all if y'all don't respect y'all self sucking and fucking for weed and hair y'all trying to find relations you see on social media that's not even real stop lying to y'all self and be real with yourself cause nobody else will ball styled items to wear in the winter of the party

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