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FOR 10 YEARS (Most men have this experience)

You are just at the right time and reading this because it is the hidden and untold story/secret of many lives. First imagine the specified years above to be the best and closest accuracy of the text. With that done, you are good to go.
Yes, good to go, but for you who is fond of reading crucial messages half way, for you who is only interested in reading sweet and entertaining stories and for you, yes you, the religious man, I know it is likely your religious belief has taken hold of you, and you would not read certain messages because of the authors name, the religious book mentioned and some age long belief that are holding you back – no matter your belief system or mind frame, this message is not one of such messages to ignore, because it is about you and your own world. UcenterDress spaghetti evening gowns
I hope the advice is taken, sad it will be if you quit reading without getting to the end!!!
Here we go, this is my tale, your tale and our life; for 10 years (yours may be more or less), this was my life (for the records, anywhere you see my, put you or ours there – remember this is your story been told you). For 10 years, here was what my (your/our) life looked like:
- For 10 years I lived in an apartment, that was leaking.
- For 10 years my closest neighbours were rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, worms and all manner of pests.
- For 10 years anything on skirt (for the ladies, put trousers – remember, this is our untold story), was my delight, even when I didn’t wish to patronize them.
- For 10 years, I was a master of lies, I told lies, even when telling the truth would not hurt me.
- For 10 years, I slept and woke with bitterness.
- For 10 years, I was a lover of the bottles; I drank round the clock, many days I thought I would die.
- For 10 years, men and women of low virtues were my close associates.
- For 10 years, I lived my life for others, went to places and did things because I wanted to belong.
- For 10 years I wouldn’t know if my religious belief helped or worsened my situation, I was a tool to a belief that was more interested in taking my life from me – my religion was one of real agony. I was a sadist to myself and others.
- For 10 years I spent to save face and plunged myself into real debts.
- For 10 years, I wore clothes to please and impress others.
- For 10 years, I carried an ailment, I dared not allow any to know, I bore the pains.
- For 10 years, I flexed my physique and muscles, not knowing why I decided and preferred nudity to concealing my nakedness.
- For 10 years, I hung around friends I could hardly please and they continually used and abused me.
- For 10 years I was a sex slave, I had no resistance and caved in to all sexual gestures – I slept with those I felt I love (liked), I hated or for anything – I had no self-control.
- For 10 years, money was my problem, but who could I tell, when pride and self-ego governed my life.
- For 10 years, I wondered what kind of child I was to my parents – my relationship with them was what I classified as abandonment, I barely carried them along in my thoughts, notwithstanding their sacrifices to my survival.
- For 10 years, I would classify my relationship to those who actually were my true friends as hostile – I was puffed up and so left them off my life.
- 10 years spend with harlots, prostitutes, in club and motels, in hotels and guest houses; I was a vagabond.
This is a long list and there I think you own story ended, because I don’t know, your present state, but let me continue with mine.
Now with such a life with such absurdities, for 10 years, it was obvious I was bound (you too). It was a life, lived and governed by a contrary spirit. One cannot imagine a well-read person, with good job who dressed well, yet within is a turbulent spirit.
My story would have ended real sad, because the spirit within wanted me to die and perish like many others of my kind. This spirit would have killed me with
- Alcohol
- Drugs
- Cheap sex
- Incurable diseases
- Accident
- Poison and the likes.
How I managed to escape, that is the story; I came to my senses after several near death experiences and from observing others and my close associates (rats, cockroaches and all manner of pests). Did I just realize these associates as anomalies? No, no, no. my senses had to first be fixed. How did I get that done, when these anomalies became life threatening?
- I started to read books
- I consulted with myself
- I made resolutions
- I tried religious activities of all shades and kind.
Alas all these were to no avail, because I was possessed by a spirit, whose mission was to see to my death – yes I was possessed because the more I resolved against some of these lifestyle, the more I wanted to revolt; the more I plunged into these things.
Look here, the pleasure you seemed to derive from evil lifestyles and activities, is because you are possessed, by spirits, whose singular mission, is to see you end in death – please note this, it is the truth, you are possessed by an enemy whose sole mission is to kill you and soon he would kill you, unless you get my kind of rescue.
I told myself I was helpless, after several warnings from my Maker (God) – I was hell bound with all the worldliness and sinfulness that characterized my life. Who would have told me, Jesus was real, who? If not that all the life I had lived for 10 years were turned around.
Look here, this is not just another Jesus’ story, it is the only story, because, after a contact with him, my story changed and so changed my neighbours and close associates (rats, cockroaches, rodents, slots and harlots) and my locations changed too.
Recall I told you, I was possessed, and when Jesus came in he chased away that wanton and reckless spirit – HE CHANGED MY SPIRITUAL LOCATION.
Secondly, Jesus changed my PHYSICAL LOCATION. Here are the lists of changes he made:
- Leakages stopped.
- Rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, worms and all manner of pests were gone.
- Lack of sex control was gone.
- Lies disappeared completely from my mouth – I became a lover of the truth.
- Bitterness of heart disappeared.
- Drunkenness and night marauding were gone.
- Men and women of low virtues were replaced with men and women of honour as my close associates.
- I could do what I wished to do and not necessarily because I wanted to belong.
- My religious belief changed and was not based on what I was born with but what was real to me.
- Debt was upturned for good – I started paying my debts.
- I now dress sensibly.
- My health was fixed.
- I no longer see my body as a tool for display.
- Friends who naturally would use and abuse me left on their own, because I had a new master and a new life to live.
- Sex slavery was completely quashed in my life.
- I now manage money and my finances better.
- I am now a good, reliable child to my parents.
- I share genuine concerns now for my friends.
- Harlots, prostitutes, clubs, guest houses, motels and hotel life are gone, I’m now sane.

I am now living a life in preparation for a higher life, in a place, whose builder is God and there I would be with Jesus who delivered me from a wasted living – if not Jesus, I would still be counting years in ache and sorrow.
Before I go, let me leave you with this secret in John 10:10.
“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” Jesus
And one man who experienced this kind of deliverance summed it thus in 2 Corinthians 5:17:
“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” Paul the Apostle.
“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” I john 1:9
I have started counting better years now and hope to take the count on to eternity with Jesus for the rescue.