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Please read all this post.In recognition of those who started this page, I want to honor them. Tuesday week of Thanksgiving I finally achieved my hike into the Cove from Rich mtn. Five or so miles. Yes I know that I'm usually not the type to ring my own bell but ever since I joined this group in 2015 ? or 14. This has been my goal !!! So here I'am clanging my own bell because for the last 2 or 3 year's I've been walking every day, twice a day , rebuilding my leg muscles from a series of surgeries that include 3 right hips ,1 left . both knees ,left twice, open heart surgery , pacemaker/ defib. Broken neck c2 vertebra, dislocated shoulder and broken back 4 compound 2 compacted compressions in my spine and last but not least several mini strokes. In all 10 surgeries since 2011. Yep . And I'm so very sorry for reliving my journey with most of you but when our group started it was very small and we were a family!!! And it was because of their encouragement , prayers and photos that's lead me to this very place today along with God's guidance!! I would like to mention these photographer's like Jay Menard,Stoney Lunsford, Denise Hilley, John & Sandie Henderscheid, Richard Vance& Darwin D.White in particular they were all so very kind to check in when I started posting my updates on my progress,falls etc.These fine folks are having their own struggles with their health that I feel a need to mention them because they where the very folks that is the reason this page came to be and is what it is today. These photographer's went to a heap of trouble , planning as well as monitoring this page not to mention the expense and time it all took to bring it where it is today!!! Now if I left out anyone's name that participated in the beginning I apologize wholeheartedly. My point is the recognition of these photographer's. I want to let everyone know that these photographer's are in need of the very thing that has led me here this day!! Jay, Stoney, Darwin , John& Sandie, Denise,& Richard. I want to thank you all for being there for me and helping me to once again have restored my faith in myself as well as others!!! If anyone name is here and you'd rather it not.I'll be sure to delete or edit out everybody's name. Thank you all for your support, love , humor as well as your friendship. I'm forever grateful and thankful for having you all as friend's!!! And I admire your passion for the Cove and your amazing talents as a photographer and as my friend's who will and always forever be in my prayers!! UcenterDress non-formal garments for wedding in short length