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It's fun to learn odd things about friends. ?

1. Favorite Smell? Baby head or puppy breath
2.Last time you cried? Friday when Shelby tried her wedding dress on
3. Favorite pizza? Chicken garlic
4. Favorite flower? Pansy-little faces!
5. Favorite animal? Domestic-dog-lab
6. Did you go to college? Yes
7. Untie your shoes when taking them off? Yes
8. Like roller coasters? Nope
9. Favorite ice cream? Mint choc
10. Shorts or jeans? Shorts
12. What are you listening to? Blue bloods tv
13. Favorite tv show? Hgtv
14. Tattoos? Yes, on my teeth!
15. Hair color? Auburn with Grey
16. Eye Color? Blue
17. Favorite food to eat? Prime rib
18. Favorite holiday? Christmas
21. Beer or Wine? Wine
22. Night owl or morning person? Mornings
23. Favorite day of the week? Friday
24. Do you have nickname? Sassy pants
25. Favorite season? Fall
26. Favorite place to get away? Wine country
27. Missing someone? My kiddos
28. Dream vacation? Italy
30. Regrets? Yes, wish I could spend more time with mom and dad
31. Middle name? Kay
33. Go back to high school? Absolutely not.
34. Ocean or lake? Lake
35. Who do you think will do this? Shelby Higbee , Cami Aikens , Emma Iannacone , Susan Larson Doering ,
36. Who do you challenge? Taylor Higbee

Dianna Walker! I did it ?

Come on... someone do this with me. Let's take a break from negativity & learn about each other. UcenterDress elegant wedding selections with lace sleeves
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