UcenterDress casual and country style wears for a wedding

After 3 months no job now I'm Workin on two jobs like crazy to pay off my debts and credit cards. Also there is my car break what they said one year ago that only 2mm is my break so very soon I need change. So winter coming I work two jobs to have this done too for winter. I made app. with Honda dealer to just change my front brakes. 1 year ago they told me will be 350 (ish) dollars. So I put together this money go to Sycamore Honda dealer (always I go there) and than a money hunger man tells me just to diagnose is 90 dollars and we will see from there because he don't know what's the problem. I told him I don't need this diagnose because no problem only I want to change the break. I told him everything what they said to me before and also he confirmed that from the computer. Than he made a paper where I sign that they diagnostic my car. I didn't signed the paper and remind him already the third time that my car is ok. Ok need not the break change. Than he told me that this money anyway it's in in the price. Than I was asking him how much is the break change? He answered me 525 dollars and some change. WHAT? About 70 % more than a year ago? (I think because I didn't signed the paper he tried to threatened me with price because I do not belive for one minutes that this much changed the price.) UcenterDress casual and country style wears for a wedding
I think he tried to skinned me. " She is a women and stupid for car mechanic right?"
I just took my staff and I lived.
I told him thanks, NO!
There was a women behind the counter, she was really quiet, she didn't even look at me or him. I think she knew I was right.....
So I drove there and back for a bad experience and that he can make me cry how I was drove home on Rd 39.
I got to Freeport and I went to Buttita place where right away they give me on paper an estimate for 369 dollars for break change and the man said they can do it right away.
WHAT? I said OK DO IT.
So I'm waiting now for my car in McDonald's and praying to Jehovah to bring the new system early as possible because I'm just sick and tired for this system and for this type of people with no respect, with money hunger and with 2Timothy 4:1-7 attitude.
I won't go back there again.
And as I just finish this to write down they called me car is ready. I paid 360 dollars and some change.
Lots of stress for noting.... Half my off day is gone now.