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Yes, No, [Maybe box] - A man's perspective.

Answer question this week:This week question since I am in a good mood comes from Miss M.

Miss M. messaged me. She has known a guy for a few years now, they are good friends. They hang out, go out to movies, restaurants, watch movies, go to music festivals and cultural events etc. Yet he has never initiated sex with her. She wants to know if he does not find her attractive?

My Answer: Miss M. You are what we guys call the Maybe Box.
We as guys put women in the Maybe Box all the time. It is a
yes, but there is a hesitancy. Is it worth the trouble? Maybe there is not much of an incentive for him to sleep with you. You are still are a good person a good human being overall and that is why he probably hangs out with you and have you as a friend for a long time. But you need to find out why he does not make an effort to sleep with you. When this happens there maybe some issues with your life style. Most of the times, we guys know that it is always a life style issue or a personality issue. Maybe he observed that you are argumentative, does not readily apologized, if you are wrong, get flustered easily.We don't like shit nor will tolerate anyone else's shit. He probably think, hmm what if I was intimate with this chick? What attitude I would get. Maybe it is your own persona. You may wear weave and other false adornment which he does not like. Sometimes there is some disposition or some factors of your life style that is an hindrance. Find out what it is and eliminate it. And I am sure he will be ripping off your clothes in no time. UcenterDress budget-saving bridesmaid apparels in coral