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The guy had told the elder sister that he would
give her feed back after 3 days. The elder sister
could not wait for his feed back. On the 2nd day
she called the guy around 03 as her young sister
was in deep sleep.
Elder sister, "Hello, am sure you have made up
your mind according to what you promised me"
Guy, "Yes, I have made up my mind"
Elder sister, "Tell me am your woman"
Guy, "Unfortunately my dear, your young sister
filled up the whole space of my heart a long time
ago. She never left any space for any other
woman apart from herself"
Elder sister, "I know all that. In fact am very
much aware that my young sister is your woman.
But what is wrong having both of us in your
Guy, "I told you last time that I can't serve two
masters at once.. Why can't you listen and
Elder sister, "King Solomon in the Bible had 700
wives and 300 girlfriends. What will stop you
from having just both of us as blood sisters?
Only two of us and not 700 + 300 = 1000
Guy, "Am not King Solomon you are talking about
aii.. In fact when you read his book very well, you
will discover that he regretted all his actions no
wonder he said, 'All is vanity..' I don't want to
live like King Solomon who regretted his actions
in the end of it all with many wives and
concubines but I would like to live like Adam and
Eve in the garden of Eden with one man and one
Elder sister, "All what you are saying is right and
true but there is nothing I can do. All I want is
you. I don't care if you can make me your
second wife. It's fine with me."
Guy, "Your young sister will be my first and
second wife I will ever have"
Elder sister, "OK, Bye.."
Guy, "Bye"
From there she started thinking of how she could
kill her young sister so that the guy will have no
other option but to take her as his woman. So
she bought some poison somewhere and decided
to put in her young sister's food. That evening
her young sister was busy reading her Bible in
the bedroom. She asked her elder sister to cook
some rice for supper. Their mother was not
around. She had gone for an over night prayer
meeting. So they just remained two of them at
home. When the elder sister finished cooking
some rice, she got some poison and mixed it
with rice that she had prepared for her young
sister. From no where she failed to take the
poisonous rice to her young sister in the
bedroom so that she could eat and die. It
became so hard for her to do it. The Holy Spirit
could not allow her to kill her own young sister
over a man. She started thinking about how her
young sister loved her so much. She
remembered on how she took care of her when
she got very sick as their mother had gone out
of the country. When she got very sick, she
could not manage to bath herself. So her young
sister could bath her and feed her like a baby
even washing her clothes till she got well. She
remembered all the good things that her young
sister did for her and started shading tears. She
then threw away that poisonous rice that she had
prepared for her young sister. While she was
throwing the poisonous rice outside, the young
sister came out of the bedroom and shouted like,
"Where is my share sister?" The elder sister
responded like, "In the kitchen!" She was telling
her to get her share which was not poisonous.
The young sister was like, "Come we eat what
are you doing outside?"
"Am coming just having some fresh air here and I
don't feel like eating. Any way i will join you
shortly.." She said. The young sister went back
in the bedroom and continued reading the Bible
after she finished eating. The elder sister came
inside after throwing that poisonous rice that she
prepared for her young sister. She really failed to
kill her young sister. God of Israel protected the
young sister from being killed by her elder sister.
When God says, "No" no one can say, "Yes" or
From there she thought of seducing the guy so
that she could sleep with him and get pregnant
for him. One day in the evening, she sent him her
naked photo via whatsapp. She was completely
naked on her photo. She was wearing her
*birthday* suit on the photo and you know what I
mean. The guy was so shocked to see her naked
photo on whatsapp and said, "What's wrong with
you kanshi??? Your young sister who is my
woman has never sent me such a photo.."
Elder sister, "There is nothing wrong with me. I
just want to let you know that that's how much I
love you and how serious I am"
Guy, "Sending me a naked photo like this one is
not a sign of love or how serious you are to me
but it is a sign of desperation. Never be
desperate for a man. You may end up injuring
yourself and others around you.."
Elder sister, "Kaili I have been trying all I could
but you have been giving me a cold shoulder no
wonder I had sent you that naked photo of mine"
Guy, "The truth is that your nakedness won't
change my heart or mind. As you know, am a
principled guy of which your mother and your
young sister knows that. I promised your young
sister never to disappoint her and she promised
me the same"
Elder sister, "OK I have heard, bye.."
Guy, Bye"
She thought of plan A it failed. Plan B also
failed. Then she came up with plan C. For plan C
she thought of calling or inviting the guy at her
place when she was going to be alone so that
she would seduce him and sleep with him. One
day her mother and young sister visited their
aunt in Makeni and she was left alone at home.
In her heart she was like, "This is the only
chance I have. Let me call this guy and tell him
to come and fix my laptop" She called, "Hello, my
brother in law to be, could you kindly come home
right away. My laptop has developed a fault and
there are some important information am
suppose to work on. Please, I will really
appreciate if you can come home now"
In no time the guy arrived in Kamwala South. The
elder sister was like, "Wow! Thank you for
coming in time. You may come through to the
computer room" She led him to their bedroom
telling him it was a computer room. The guy was
like, " Is this a computer room or bedroom?"
Elder sister, "OK it is our bedroom but we use it
for computer stuff"
Guy, "OK where is the laptop?"
Instead of answering him, she locked up the door
of the bedroom and started taking off her
clothes one by one. She took off all her clothes
and said, "Am asking for your favour please.. I
just want you to do me once and for all. I will
never ask you for this again.."
Guy, "Nooooo.. God forbid! Please dress up.. Is
this the reason why you have called me here? In
the name of Jesus dress up.."
Elder sister, "Come on you are a man even 3
minutes will do for me and I will really
appreciate.. Come and do your thing please am
starving or even 2 minutes it will be fine with
Guy, "No, I can't do it. I don't want to disappoint
my woman.. Just dress up and open the door for
me I leave"
Before the guy arrived, she had hidden the knife
in the bedroom. She got that knife and threaten
to kill herself if he was not going to sleep with
her. As she was holding the knife in her hand
and pleading with him to sleep with her, her
mother and her young sister arrived. When she
heard that they had entered the sitting room she
dropped the knife and opened the door. She
moved out of the bedroom while naked and ran
towards her mother shouting like, He raped me!
He raped me!" Mother and young sister,
"Who????" as they rushed to the bedroom to see
who the rapist was. They found the guy on his
knees praying to His God like Daniel in the lion's
den. This was his prayer before the mother and
daughter(young sister) entered the bedroom, "
Though I walk through the valley of the shadow
of death, I will fear no evil, For you are with me;
Your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You
prepare a table before me in the presence of my
enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup
runs over. Surely goodness and mercy shall
follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell
in the house of the LORD forever. Amen and
The mother and the young sister entered the
bedroom and found the guy kneeling and praying
. The mother was like, "You are even praying
after raping my daughter??? I thought you were a
God fearing guy but I have just discovered how
crooked and evil you are. You are a danger to my
two daughters. I will never trust you again. The
relationship between you and my second
daughter(young sister) has ended. I can't have a
son in-law who is a rapist. Let me even call the
Guy, "Let me explain"
Mother, "I don't need your explanation.."
Young sister, "Mom, please, don't call the police,
give him chance to explain himself"
Mother, "Just shut up! I don't have time for that"
She called the police and the guy was locked up
in police custody. The young sister started crying
uncontrollably at home for her man. She said the
following words to her mother, "Mom, I don't
think he raped her. My man can't do such a
thing. I know him he can't do it. If he did it, then Ucenter Dress tiffany blue styled items to wear for a prom
I was going to be the first one to be raped by
him cause am the one who spends much of the
time with him...I don't think my elder sister is
telling the truth"
Elder sister, "You are supporting him just
because he is your man. Why are you supporting
a rapist?"
Young sister, "He is not a rapist. He is not that
type and he will never be... I feel there is
something you are hiding from us.. Any way God
is watching the truth shall be revealed"
Elder sister, "The truth has been revealed aready
that your man is a rapist"
Young sister, "OK why are you refusing to go to
the hospital to be checked if truly you have been
Mother, "Yes, why are you refusing to go to the
hospital to be checked?
Elder sister, "OK let's go"
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