Ucenter Dress items to wear for the reception usage

23 rd July 2007
I remember very vividly how the news sounded in my ears. It was so heart breaking, tearing and caused a lot of pain in my heart. I wished I was dreaming but it was the last time I would ever see my father, the painfull part being that i would see him in the casket during body viewing. Being away away from home for three months, I had missed him and the family too. I was writing Physics which was my second last paper ,then the deputy headmaster enquired of me and told me that I was wanted by my uncle. I remember how fast my heart beats were upon receiving the news. I wish I could share the whole story but will do so in the future. Its now ten (10) years from the time you answered the call of God. I miss you so much.I miss the days and nights you would organise family bible study and night prayer. A man that always said " we live and learn". The best organiser,solution provider to his family and relatives. You never cared how much or little you you had but as long as there was sum 1 in need, you would always sacrifice it all. Sometimes it would pain me inside deeply but it was a principle that you teaching us. I will always love and miss you. Ucenter Dress items to wear for the reception usage

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