Ucenter Dress dress used for bridesmaids and designed for proms

I am so so conflicted! I rescued Chico 4 years ago, immediately when I saw him because the way he was living broke my heart. Most of you know I have terrible allergy issues all year long and they have only gotten worse since he has come. :'( I have known I need to rehome him but it breaks my heart as he has bonded to me which took a long time. I need to find him someone experienced and who has the time to give him the love and attention he deserves. :( I sit here now with horrible sinus pressure and my eyes are burning they have been like this for over a month! This happens off and on all year. I spray him down and have an air purifier but nothing seems to help. I played with him last night, he was jumping all over me and snuggling now I have dry burning eyes and a terrible headache. If anyone knows anyone with experience and the time and love to give him please let me know. He is older and chill. He likes to chew on pieces of wood and likes playing with toys. He likes to be around his person but doesn't require being right in your face all day. If he can see you he is content. He has trust issues from being abused previously, though he trusts me the most it is only to an extent he has never bit me nor do I worry about him biting me, but I also took/spend so much time with him. I allowed him to get to know me on his terms. This is so hard for me, I love him so much and would want to still see he is okay and know he is taken care of. If you know anyone please let me know. With the understanding if you/they can't handle him he is to be returned to me. Thanks for reading! Ucenter Dress dress used for bridesmaids and designed for proms